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MKV Cutter for Mac

MKV Cutter for Mac is an excellent video cutting software, which helps you to cut one MKV file in any size to unlimited number of video segments on Mac OS. With the intuitive interface, all the cutting tasks can be accomplished with just a few clicks on Mac OS.
You can click "Set Starting Point" /"Set Ending Point" to add marks on the slider to choose the MKV video segment you want to get, the time values of the start time and end time will be shown automatically. Please note that you can add multiple marks and get several video segments as you like at a time. MKV Video Cutter for Mac allows you to delete or clear some MKV clips that you do not like. In addition, numerous options of profile parameters are at your disposal to create the perfect video and audio quality of your output file. 

Screenshot of MKV Cutter for Mac

Practical features of MKV Video Cutting program for Mac

Import MKV file
MKV file can be dragged and dropped to the intuitive interface easily and smoothly with MKV Video Cutter Mac software.
Set cut point of MKV file
Set start time and end time to specify MKV segment that you want to split.
Note: you can split as many segments as you like from a single video file.
Preview captured MKV segments
Press 'play' button, MKV segments chosen can be played with built-in video player of MKV Cutter software for Mac.
Redefine MKV segment
Resetting MKV segment is supported by Mac MKV Cutting product if the captured MKV clip is not your wanted clip.
Create perfect output file
Adjust some profile parameters (bitrates, sample rate, channels, frame size, frame rate and etc) with Mac cutter to perfect your output file.

System requirements
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later.